VoiceLive 2 as an Audio Card

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VoiceLive 2 as an Audio Card

Post  JoelFan on Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:28 pm

I'm using VoiceLive 2 with great satisfaction. Nothing left to be desired when I'm using it as a voice effect, with lots of options for voice and Harmony. Results are outstanding and quality is OK.

Beside that, using Voice Live 2 as an audio Card is really a bit disappointing. No ASIO, only WDM, and high latency, that makes VL2 not a viable tool for virtual instrument use. I am currently using ASIO4ALL, which is ASIO over WDM. There is abundant way of tricking it via ASIO4ALL, but unfortunately, there is no way to trick latency buffer in VL2 driver. So I still have to stand with VL2 driver, at the end, which is not low latency driver.

No plans to solve this from TC-Helicon? Are you guys using VL2 with success also in Audio card applications?
Thx a lot.


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